Friday, October 19, 2012

Dollar Store Halloween Party Game Challenge Completed!

The Challenge: Go to the Dollar Store and Target and find mostly $1 items that can be turned into party games for Halloween.

While we had high expectations, we also had a few rules.
1. We could not purchase a ready to go Halloween Party Game
2. Try to keep the total out of pocket expense for any one game from $1 to $10

We ended up purchasing 5 Halloween items from which to create our party games.
1. Reflective Halloween Stickers
2. Gross Gummy Body Parts
3. Colorful Halloween Containers
4. Vampire Teeth
5. Squishy Eyeballs

The result is the Dollar Store Halloween Party Game Challenge below:

Here is what the learned from our challenge:
1. Once you have an party game idea, it doesn't always work. We really thought the game Skeleton Eyeball Toss, where you throw the eyeball at the skeleton's head, would work. However after we could get them off our finger without really working at it and one ended stuck to the ceiling, we knew our game idea could be a disaster. Plus I feared pets would try to eat the eyeballs and that would be a disaster. We still like the idea of Pin the Eye on the Skeleton, but just not with squishy eyeballs. Finally, as a result we changed the eyeball game to an eyeball drop.

2. DIY games can take time. Creating a graveyard target game takes time and reflecting on cutting through cardboard and the additional work, our sample took over an hour. One thought after we completed this was to consider using a piece of wood and hole saw drill bit to cut the holes if this is an option. Then you could add length to the game by lining up another board, so there is distance between the holes and rolling the ping pong ball becomes a challenge. Plus once you create a master board you can use it again for rolling or tossing games. However this would also break the $10 rule.

3. Crafting items and ping pong balls are useful accessories. Let's face it, if you already have paper, markers and a glue gun, you'll have more options than if you need to buy them.

4. Sometimes a Ready to Go Halloween Party Game will cost less! Yes, I said it. If you can pick up a ready to play out of the box game or a printable Halloween game that takes less than 15 minutes to set up, it could be worth it if you don't have the time. The trip to the store, purchase, planning and extras took a few hours, while it was fun consider whether you have 2 hours to work on a diy Halloween party game or if it is easier to spend $5 - $20 for something ready to play.

Overall we really enjoyed the Dollar Store Halloween Challenge and hope you enjoyed coming along for the experience. Several of these games will be making their way onto the Party Game Ideas web site in the Halloween Party Games section.

Here are links to party games and pages notes in the Dollar Store Challenge video:
1. Clothes Pin Drop - Similar to
2. Eyeball Bounce
3. Gross Halloween Games
4. Vampire or Not

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