Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jello Halloween Centerpiece Idea - Easy, Fun and Colorful

Hosting a Halloween Party and want an easy and colorful Halloween Centerpiece?

We thought about using jars, water, adding coloring and then placing the items inside, but several of the items floated to the top and we once the lid was on the mason jar you really couldn't see the eyeballs we placed inside.

However you could see them if you picked up the jar and turned it in your hands, then it looked pretty cool, but we wanted a Halloween Centerpiece that would look cool and not be touched or picked up by guests.

Then the idea hit me, what about Jello!

It's colorful, should hold things in place and allow light to seep through offering a cool glow.

So I headed to the store and picked up orange and green jello mixes.

Once home I gather up items I felt would create a spooky scene, while keeping it simple.
a. Tall glassware to give the centerpiece height
b. Plastic spider that sank in water
c. Squishy eyeballs leftover from a party game idea
d. Orange Jello

From there I set out to create 3 different scenes in each of the glasses, for this example. a. In glass 1, I placed a spider at the bottom and let the eyeballs bunch at the top and placed a spider on top them. b. Glass 2 - A spider and eyeball were at the bottom and more eyes further up near the top of the glass. c. Glass 3 included a spider at the bottom and several layers of eyeballs.

The trick it to let the Jello start to thicken so that the eyeball (which floats) would be held be the Jello and then add layer upon layer until you have completed your glass.

One idea that came to after I completed this process was that I could have used thread and a needle to go through several eyeballs and then tied the thread securely to stones or glass beads and place them at the bottom of the glass. Then position the spider like the string is its web. It might be an option worth trying.

Once complete, you have a cool look from all angle and an item that can be back-lite with flameless candles to create your Halloween Centerpiece. This Halloween picture shows each side of our glasses.

Once you have finished making the Jello centerpieces, store them in the refrigerator and remove about 30 minutes before guests arrive and let them sit on the counter.

As the Jello warms to room temperature, condensation will form on the glass. After about 30 minutes, you should be safe to wipe off the condensation and then wait another 2 - 3 minutes to make you got it all. Once the condensation is gone you are ready to place your Halloween Centerpiece and add your accent lights or flameless candles. (I like using them because they are safe and the glow is soft.)

Add in Halloween decorations and tableware to create your own unique Jello Halloween Centerpiece!

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