Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hidden Danger of The Doughnut Tree Game, What Parade's Pippa Middleton Article Didn't Tell You

I enjoy getting the Sunday paper. It's such a great way to start the day, relax with coffee, clip coupons or check out sales and plan out my week, but today the cover of Parade caught my eye and not in a good way. When they had a wonderful picture of Pippa Middleton and a child playing the game doughnuts on a string or as they call it "The Doughnut Tree". See pics below:

Just seeing the picture, reminded my of an email I received many years ago warning about the chocking hazard of the game "Doughnuts on a String" as children race to be the first person to finish a doughnut.

Email noted that the angle of the head and race to consume  doughnut as fast as possible is a dangerous combination that increases the risk of choking.

While I am not a fan of the Doughnut Tree game, I don't mind that they list how to play "The Doughnut Tree" game in the magazine.

The Problem I have with it is:
 They FAILED to Mention or even warn they this could be a CHOKING HAZARD!

While this game has been played at many parties over the years without any problems, it is one game that does have a history of causing choking. My concern is that many Parade readers will see this and think, "What a fun idea, let's do this game for Halloween," without being aware of the danger.

At the least Parade should have included a warning for the The Doughnut Tree like; "Not recommend for children under 5 years old as the game may present a choking hazard. Parent / Adult supervision required."

And since they didn't I just did.

After years of writing and creating party games for kids, it is never a good thing to mix young children like the one shown in the picture in a game situation where you may be encouraged to eat food at a strange angle as fast as he or she can to win a contest. Just eating a doughnut with your hands is hard enough, why make it a race that just increases the risk of choking.

At Party Game Ideas, we know party games can be a challenge and risks are involved however we try to place a warning or note concerns to the games so the user can decide whether the party game might be right for them.

While I do give Parade Magazine a Thumbs Up for the Pippa Middleton interview, they get a Thumbs Down for not properly informing their audience of the Real Dangers of the Doughnut Tree game.

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Please have a Safe & Happy Halloween

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