Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spooky Halloween House Decorations Pictures from Our Neighborhood

Halloween is a week away and last night I was able to head out and one of my communities favorite neighborhoods to see what they are doing for Halloween.

While not every house decorates fro Halloween there are a few that really do wonderful Halloween decorations. The only down side to walking and taking pictures at sunset is that you can only visit a few house to take good pictures while walking.

What I really enjoy about Halloween house decorations is that while you can admire large, elaborate displays , sometimes simple items with jsut a few key accents look wonderful in a yard or entryway.

These homes have created a wonderful Halloween displays in our neighborhood and I am grateful, because I can't put up Halloween decorations.

Here are my Halloween House Decorations from my walk last night. Want to purchase spooky Halloween decorations like these visit our Halloween Decorations page at Party Game Ideas.

Whimsical Inflatable Ghosts - Fun and Colorful
Giant Spider, Boarded Up Windows, Cocooned Body, Amazing 

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