Monday, October 22, 2012

Nightmare Halloween Costume Adventure - The Endless Search for Elusive Costumes

It all started innocently enough.

At 1:25 pm - I asked my adult son what do you want to be for Halloween? The reply seemed simple, an Assassin's Creed costume or this "Robin Hood" costume that looks like an assassin.

I said great, I will swing by the one of the Halloween stores and pick it up.

Then Came More Information & Rules:
1. There are several Assassin's Creed costumes so this one and if not this then Robin Hood
2. Make sure we can return it if it doesn't fit
3. Look for it in the video game or renaissance section

Ok, got it.
Normally I would insist they come along but d he would soon have to head into work. It seemed like an easy task and I was up for this pretty standard challenge.

By 1:50 pm - I gathered up Halloween store coupons and headed out.

First Stop: Party City Store #1 - Time: 2:10 pm
- No Assassin's Creed, but Robin Hood costume in the right size.
- Decision: Since this was the 1st store, I can check the 2 other stores and return if needed. No Purchase Made

Second Stop: Spirit Halloween - Time 2:35 pm
- Poorly Organized, but No Assassin's Creed and No Robin Hood

Third Stop: Halloween City - Time 3: 25 pm
- Chaotic Arrangement, but no Assassin's Creed but found 1 Robin Hood in the correct size
- Decision: I had a Coupon for Party City $10 off and the line was over 10 people long. I will head back to Party City, save $10 and be done.

Fourth Stop: Party City Store #1 - Time 3:55 pm
- Head to the costumes, get a salesperson to assist me, walk over to the costume to place the order and the LG Costume Size Sticker has been removed! They Sold It since I was last in the store.
- Decision: Return to Halloween City and purchase the costume. Yes, but I want to save $10. So I use my phone to check the web site and yes there is a $10 coupon but I need to print it. Ok, running home and printing it will take 10 minutes. Let's do it.

Fifth Stop: Halloween City - Time 4: 15 pm
- I return to Halloween City with coupon in hand and I head right to where the Robin Hood costume was and... it's not there. I look around and I don't see it. I ask the attendant at the dressing room if anyone tried it on and they say no. I want to kick myself, I hand it in my hands but for $10 I didn't take action. I leave the store.

Now Frustrated and Angry, I am upset that my thriftiness cost me a costume, but now I am more determined than ever to find the requested costume.

Now I call another Party City store and Success they have the Robin Hood costume in the Size I want and it is placed on hold. I have the Halloween Costume Success is Mine!

Sixth Stop: Party City Store #2 Time: 4:50 pm
- I arrive at Party City and head to the costume pick up area and they tell me that my costume is at the front of the store at check out. perfect.
- I wait in line patiently and finally after it's my turn. I tell them my name and the costume. The clerk checks the items set aside for customers and returns with a Woman's Sexy Robin costume!
- I said that this is not the right costume they said they were holding Robin Hood for me. She looked around and with a take it or leave it look said "This is all we have for you. You can check in the back for Robin Hood." Inside I am fuming, outside I just said ok and headed to the back.
- I check and No Assassin's Creed or Lg Robin Hood

Time 5:20 I do a Google Maps Search and Find 2 Halloween Stores within 5 miles and call the 1st temporary Halloween Store and ask if they have either of the costumes I am looking for the answer. The answer "We may have them." I asked her what that meant and she said "We have a lot of costumes and we may have those, there isn't a way for me to check. So it's better if you just come to the store."

Well Thanks for nothing. After that heartfelt conversation, I decided I would visit Halloween Megastore. It sounded big and was 3 miles away, so off I went.

Seventh Stop: Halloween Megastore - Time 5:30 pm
- Success I found 4 Assassin's Creed costumes! Who cares about Robin Hood now. Victory will be mine.
- After reviewing them, the sizes looked hit or miss and the price was $30 more than online.
- However, I was ready to purchase a $150 costume when I asked "What is the Return Policy?"
- If you buy it you can exchange it or get store credit.
- The fear of purchasing the wrong size and then returning tomorrow to discover they sold out of the other sizes, stopped me in my tracks and I had to walk away with nothing.

Eighth Stop: Home 6:15 pm
- Finally at home, I was frustrated, anger and a little bitter than I had accomplished nothing all afternoon and I became so focused on finding this costume, I didn't even run my own errand!

After calming down and doing some research online I found what I thought was the costume and but need the one person who was at work to confirm it because I had viewed to many costumes to remember which was the preferred design. In the end, I called it a night and went to bed early.

This Morning
Over breakfast, I reviewed may day and how a favor turned into a nightmarish quest that remained unfilled. He pulled up the Assassin's Creed costumes online and I noted the one I almost bought for $150 and his response was "I didn't want that one, I want this one."

For the first time since I left the house yesterday, I felt a little sigh of relief. I didn't spend $150 on a costume he didn't want (even though he would pay for it).

And it got better!
We found the costume he wanted, it was $130 and 35% Off. We added 2 day shipping and it was still under $95!

Here is what I learned:
1. If you find the costume and can return it. Buy It!
- If you find something better return it the same day.
2. Ask they accept competitor's coupons or will allow you to use the web site coupon via your phone?
- It never hurts to ask!
3. If you know what you want, shop online first. Use codes and if needed pay extra to get your costume on time.
- FYI - Always Confirm (Click On) Shipping before finalizing the sale. I learned the hard way today and had to cancel an order when the default shipping was everyday standard and the Free promo would have it to my house by Friday. Just to be safe I upgraded to 2 day.

While My Halloween Costume Adventure Started as a Nightmare, it ended up a success story. 
1. I didn't buy the wrong costume and lose $150
2. We ended up saving $55 off the store price.

I hope you don't have such a daunting tail to tell while looking for Halloween costumes and recommend checking out Buy Costumes (banner below) a good store where we found what we wanted.

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