Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Tree Ornament Find – Perfect for Kids, Families and Office Events

Of all the Christmas and Holiday games I have written, I would have to say that Christmas Tree Ornament Find is one of my favorites as a game as it can be played by all ages and is both fun and frustrating.

Now it helps to plan ahead to play Christmas Tree Ornament Find becuase once the ornaments are on the tree it is hard to count them, so count them before you decorate the tree. Once the game is set up I think you will have a blast playing it. And best of all, if you have Christmas ornaments, a digital camera and paper the game costs a little more than your time and effort.

The premise is simple you pull an Ornament card and then head to the tree to find that ornament. One version has you finding and removing the ornament (hands on) and the other version has you counting ornaments (hands off).

In both cases, you need to act fast because you have limited time or are racing against another team. Winners are determined differently in each game version, however I that everybody will have fun playing the game and that is what really counts.

If you like this Christmas game idea you can get the game details, instructions and variations here – Christmas Tree Ornament Find Game.

Christmas Tree Ornament Find is good for:
Kids and Youth Groups
For Relay Teams two trees
Great game if kids make their own ornaments
Families and Co-Workers can play as a team
Fun when large trees have lots of ornaments

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