Monday, November 30, 2009

Office Party Raffle Game - How Many Gifts in the Holiday Box?

Holiday office parties, Christmas parties and classroom events are being planned, so how do you change up a routine event or add unique twist to your event?

Well, I got to thinking what if the game was to determine how many gifts are in one big gift! It's the classic "Guess how many Game," which is easy to play, but you game add a level of surprise and astonishment as you keep pulling out gift after gift. Get details and instructions on How Many Gifts are in the Gift Box?

Then I started looking at all the gift boxes that could fit in a big gift or box.
- A shirt box could hide 8 to 10 necklace boxes or 20+ ring boxes.
- Five or ten tie boxes don't take up much room
- Nestling boxes of 3, 4 or 5 would be fun to open
- Ornaments or Christmas favors could be put in the box.

And after the ornament and Christmas favors idea crossed my mind, I thought it might be a great idea to place some raffle gifts inside the Big Gift Box and give them away during this game.

So a game within a game!
A simple game idea turned into a more exciting game!

What is great is you can spin this game many ways
- Place a ton of Gifts in the giant Gift Box
- Place less then 10 gifts in the Gift Box
- Have the kids Guess on the number of gifts in the box and the parents play to win raffled gifts.
- Have everyone guess the number of gifts

The goal is to be creative and have fun!
Get the game details for How Many Gifts in the Gift Box?

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