Friday, December 18, 2009

Speak in Christmas Riddles to Get Your Holiday Party Going

I saw these this morning and had to share.

If you want to stump your friends and coworkers or get the crowd warmed up at the Christmas party.

Just ask them to figure out these Christmas Songs.
1. A Wayne Aim May Injure
2. Could Keen Gwen Senseless
3. Hole Lid Oh Tom Of Bed Lee Am
4. Elf Daze Huff Quiz Miss

These are funny when you get them and odd when you don't, in fact they are almost like a foreign langauge.

I found more on this blog and they are great.

If you still have your Christmas party coming up then stop by Party Game Ideas for lots of do it yourself Christmas party games, printable trivia and Holiday games and gift exchange games.

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

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