Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Carol Games make Parties Fun

It wasn’t an accident that 2 of our 10 Top Christmas Party Games included Christmas Carols this year. Christmas music and carols are part of the holiday season and the music is heard almost everywhere, but the funny thing is that many people think they know the words of a Christmas song but they really don’t!

So add some fun to your Holiday party with these Christmas Carol games. We linked to game pages that go into further detail when possible.

Name the Christmas Carol – 3 Variations where people guess or challenge others to Name the Christmas Carol.

Christmas Carol Relay – Players must act out or draw out the Name of the Christmas Song and get their team to sing it.

Christmas Song Lyric Trivia - A trivia game to see who remembers the lyrics to popular Christmas carols, printable game.

Christmas Carol Lyric Challenge - Does your group of friends pride themselves to knowing lyrics. Well put them to the test by place Christmas carol songs from White Christmas to Frosty the Snowman to Little Drummer Boy in a hat. Take turns and challenge guests to sing a correct verse from the song. Want a challenge - Do this game in tournament fashion, so you can end up with a winner.

Christmas Carol Trivia Challenge - Guests race to match Carol clues with the Christmas carol. A fun ice breaker and you could use these challenging clues for a party event if the paper and pen version does not work.

Silly Christmas Carol Songs - This is for the improv crowd and involves changing the song name and making up a unique holiday song based on the new title. A silly game for kids and adults. So you might sing about Rudolph the Green Nosed Reindeer or Chilly the Snowman, 12 Nights of Christmas but you have to keep on singing, perfect if you have instrument Christmas music of the original songs.

Christmas Song Scramble – You can play this game as a pen and paper game where everyone tried to unscramble the letters to form a Christmas Carol or you can make each scrambled carol its own Carol Challenge, by giving the scrambled letter to teams of players and the first group to unscramble the letters and start singing the song wins a point. Complete the sheet and the team with the most points wins the Carol Challenge.

We hope you have a warm holiday season and Christmas music helps you enjoy the holiday season.

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