Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Party Games using Christmas Gifts

Yesterday I created a list of Christmas Carol games for my blog and while getting that together thought that a list of party games involving Christmas presents would be fun too. So here is a list of party games involving gifts and Christmas gifts.

Blind Gift Stacking – In this game you need to listen to your teammate to create gifts stacked in a specific order. Fun and played in teams.

Gift Stacking Relay – Simple and fun as you must balance your stack of gifts but also be quick. Play as individuals or teams, easy to add difficulty, all ages.

Gift Wrap Relay – This game will have kids and adults testing their gift wrapping or lack or gift wrapping skills. Play as a speed game or team relay game.

How Many Gifts in the Big Box? – Perfect for Holiday raffle events as this game involves guessing how many gifts are in the box. Well it could be 1 or it could be 500. The hard part is keeping count of all the gifts.

Unwrap the Gift Game / Pass the Parcel – This gift passing game can be a simple game or you can add a few twists to the game and have people winning gifts or singing carols.

Siamese Gift Wrap – Want to test their patience, well then Siamese Gift Wrap might be the game for you as guests are teamed up to wrap gifts, but they can only use one hand.

Left / Right Gift Passing Game – This game is used as a gift exchange and party favor type game where you’ll never know what gift you’ll end up with after passing it to the Left, Right, Right, Right and Left again. Check out some left / Right stories.

Left / Right Naughty or Nice Gift Passing Game – We liked the gift passing and made this a fun and random game where if you’re Nice you stay in the game but if you’re Naughty your out.

We also have a variety of Gift Exchange games for small and large groups.

Looking for more Christmas games? Check out 40 more Christmas games at my party games website. Most of those games are do it yourself games or printable games.

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

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