Monday, December 7, 2009

5 Tips for a Great Holiday Office Party for Less

Let's be real, times are tough and a Holiday party can cost small and large businesses a fortune. However, with a few tips you can hopefully spread holiday cheer and let the people you work with know that you care and appreciate them.

I hear that many companies feel it is just easier not holding a Christmas or Holiday office party is better than having one. I have to disagree on that one, this is a time to challenge how you look at your people and value the money you spend. As long as your company doesn't waste money on lavish expenditures then reducing your Holiday party costs should go unnoticed.

Here 5 tips for A Great Holiday Office Party While Spending Less.

1. Personalization - While I think this should be done every year, owners, bosses, team leaders need to hand write personal cards stating how things are going and what that person has meant to the company this year and going forward. In a time, where co-workers are being let go, it is important to specifically state reasons why you are proud them working with you and not just "Thanks for your hard work."
Cost: Cards & Time
Value: Big - Future Success lies with them

2. At the Party Mix in fun activities and games so that the focus is on laughing, smiling and relaxing. You'll find a variety of printable Holiday games like Trivia, Word Finds, Bingo and Charades, plus active games like Find Santa's Reindeer, Christmas Tree Ornament Find and lots more Christmas games and a unique gift exchanges that should help keep the party going. These ideas work for kids, families and co-workers.

3. Food - Don't go cheap on the food, bring in something you know will be good and safe. So pass on the $4 gourmet chocolate covered preztels, $3 cookies or $2 chocolate squares. A good meal is always enjoyed.

4. Decorations and Music
Balloons, lights, tree - keep it simple borrow from someone rather than buy.
Borrow music, holiday cd or ask someone to mix a Holiday cd for the event.
A nice addition (if within a budget) is a holiday scene setter. This is a photo opportunity for guests and can also be a place for happy memories to be made. These can run $30 to $100+.

5. Last the Holiday Speech or Toast - It's been another tough year and there is no sure bet that 2010 will be a guaranteed success.

So I recommend you do the following:
Acknowledge Difficulties (that it has not been easy)
Give Thanks that each one of them is here
And be positive about the future
While you can't always say that business will be booming, you can say with a team like we have, your dedication and a will to succeed - We Will!
(Of course adjust this to be in your own words)

Let's face it everyone knows times are tough but it doesn't mean you have to give less effort to a successful Holiday Party, it means you need to give more. Be creative, take risks and be yourself.

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

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