Wednesday, December 9, 2009

5 Holiday Office Party Games Ready in 15 Minutes!

Your Holiday office party is coming up and you are in charge. You have a gift raffle, but need something different and don't have any time to spend researching and planning a game.

Good news here are 5 Holiday games you can purchase and print from the office computer in about 15 minutes. Some are active games, others trivia and a few are brain teasers.

Top 5 Printable Holiday Office Games

1. Christmas Bingo - If you have the time to play Christmas Bingo can be lots of fun. Most people know how to play and each game runs about 6- 12 minutes.

2. Christmas Song Lyrics - If you work in the retail, you might have your fill of Christmas music, however if you are in a office then the Christmas Song Lyrics game can be very entertaining as everyone tries to complete this holiday challenge.

3. Christmas Jeopardy can be played in teams, individuals or open to eveyone. You can correct answers as a way to give bonus raffle tickets or just have fun getting everyone out of standard work mode.

4. Toys and Games Decade Challenge - This game has guests trying to remember when different toys became popular. I love this idea becuase it really does take you back to being a kid again.

5. Christmas Charades & Pictionary - If your office is full of active characters and story tellers than divide up the troops and play Charades and / or Pictionary. This will be entertaining and there is sure to be several memorable moments during these games.

If you like the ideas of printable games, then check out all the options here.

If you need additional Christmas games check out my site where we have over 40 Christmas games and various Holiday Gift Exchanges.

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

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