Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Top 10 Christmas Party Games

It’s time to announce our Top 10 Christmas Party Games for 2009!

This year we have added over a dozen new Christmas games and thanks to your emails a few more should be posted before the weekend! The list of Christmas party games is determined by the number of visitors checking Party Game Ideas Holiday games.

Top 10 Christmas Party Games - Drumroll Please

10. Name the Christmas Carol - This Name that Tune game was added a little over a week ago and has moved into the Top 10! Name the Christmas Carol can be played at office parties, kids events and family gatherings.

9. Guess How Many Gifts in the Box - Another new game that adds a twist to an office raffle and is fun for the office and group events.

8. Blind Gift Stacking - This was a surprise as it beat out the Gift Stacking Relay game. This frustrating and fun game is a communication challenge but fun for teams of two.

7. Left / Right Gift Passing Game
New to the Top 10, this Gift passing game coincides with a story involving passing a gift to the Left or Right every time the words Left or Right are used. It's so popular we added a Naughty or Nice version of the game.

6. Holiday Trivia Games
A variety of games that are perfect for office, classroom or dinner parties, trivia is always easy and fun way to get the party started and guests mingling.

5. Stocking Guess Game
Up two spots, place holiday related items in a stocking and have guests guess what in the stocking.

4. Unwrap the Gift / Pass the Parcel
This classic game holds steady at number 4 and with our variations, you could win a bonus prize or be asked to sing a Christmas carol.

3. Holiday Bingo
Bingo is fun for all ages and perfect for any time of year. Still popular but down one spot this year.

2. Christmas Carol Relay - Up 1 spot from 2008
Team members must pull a Christmas Carol and then get their team to sing it.

And Number 1 for the second year in a row!
1. Find Santa's Reindeer - This search and find Reindeer game is fun for kids, families and adults as the search for Santa's missing reindeer.

We hope you enjoy all of our Christmas Games and if you don't see your favorite or one that will work for your Holiday Party it's ok. We have 40 more Christmas party games and Gift Exchange Games for you.

And if you notice we are missing your favorite, please share it with us and we might post it online.

Happy Holidays
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady


GiftGuy said...

Thanks for the Christmas Party list - it was a big help in planning our holiday party.

SGolis said...

These games are so much fun for large office parties. It may be November but your blog is getting me in the mood for Holiday parities. Thanks for the top 10 Christmas party games.