Friday, December 11, 2009

How to Turn an Average Party Game into a Memorable Holiday Event

Every wonder why some parties are just social events and others are Holiday parties you talk about for years?

Well in most cases the difference is not the Holiday games you play but rather the setting up and staging your event. You can take an average party game and make it something more and memorable by adding just a little extra to it.

Party Tips to Make Your Holiday Event Special.

1. Create a story around games and activities.
Be creative and come up with Santa lost the presents, the Elves went on strike, the Reindeer got lost, the Heatmiser or Coldmiser have played a trick on Santa…

Then have the kids help solve a riddle, search for missing items, etc… as part of the game.

One year I made a video for Find Santa’s Reindeer game and our friends still talk about it.

2. For Young Kids – Lead them with the Story or Activity
I thing I have learned over the years is that when young kids 3 – 7 get bored or don’t understand what the are supposed to do, they give up. So to make games successful for them you need to lead them through the activity and if something is confusing add to the story to keep the game going.

3. Have Costumes / Extras
While I think Santa is nice for office parties; I frown on making co-workers wear antlers or red noses. However, making my friends where antlers or various costumes is acceptable because they are my friends and worthy of embarrassment.

Remember Santa can hand out gifts, guests can wear reindeer antlers which could make for an interesting ring toss game with partners, groups could be given props for the twelve days of Christmas and so on.

4. Surprise Ending to Your Game
If it works out, add a surprise ending to your game, where someone who might be out can also win a prize. Do this by adding a final twist or trivia question, have a star or item under a chair or package to identify a surprise winner or having something special for each guest as a gift.

5. Take Something with You
When we played Find Santa’s Reindeer the kids had fun searching for the reindeer but once the game was over and each family received a reindeer, the kids had even more fun.

Fun gifts that work would be Santa hats, Elf hats, Sleigh bells, Fresh Baked Cookies, Ornaments, Reindeer, and Photos that you can take and print right away, just to name a few.

Over the years, I have found the best holiday games and activities tend to offer a challenge, when families and teams play together their tends to be a little more excitements, costumes and holiday props add a wow and surprise factor to events and when the guests can take part of the game home with them it often becomes a lasting memory.

I hope this helps make your holiday event one you will remember and treasure over the years. Happy Holidays.

Sarah – The Party Game Ideas Lady
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