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Santa Game and Reindeer Games for Family Events and Kid's Christmas Parties

Santa and Reindeer are popular themes during the holidays but sometimes it's hard to weave that into a Christmas party or Holiday event. Good news we have pulled together our favorite Santa and Reindeer games so you have lots of party game options. These games range from silly to trivia to search and find games and even include balloons, so there is a little something for everyone and all ages. Have fun and if you need more games have 40 more Christmas games on Party Game Ideas.

1. Find Santa’s Reindeer – Our most viewed game 2 years in a row, involves help from your guests and the quest for Santa’s reindeer.

2. Santa’s Christmas Puzzle – This find the gifts game has kid’s working to complete the puzzle so they know where to find a hidden gift or two. A fun way to have kids help out at an office party or special event.

3. Reindeer Trivia – A printable game where you need to read the clues and determine which of Santa’s reindeer the clue is about. Print and play in 15 minutes.

4. Stuff Santa – A silly kids game where you get to see how many balloon you can stuff in Santa.

5. Reindeer Games – A variety reindeer tests to see who is best suited to be on Santa’s team for Christmas. Select from 5 target / skills games for a fun activity for kids.

6. The Many Names of Santa Claus – Test your worldly knowledge by seeing if you can match Santa’s name to the language / place where that name is spoken. A printable game that is ready in minutes.

7. Santa Hat Ring Toss – Quick and Simple. Take several Santa hats, stuff they so they can sit on the floor or table and stand up. Kid the kids medium sized wooden rings or hoops (8 – 10 inches in diameter, find at craft store) that are large enough to toss on to the hat. Set hats up at varying distances. Give each child the same number of tries and the child landing the most rings on Santa’s hat wins.

8. It’s All About Santa – This Santa trivia game is perfect for kids that know a few things about Santa Claus. A printable game that you can print and play in 15 minutes.

9. Where are Santa’s clothes? – You’ll need a small Santa, Santa outfit and places to hid the clothes around your holiday d├ęcor. A fun activity with proper prep time.

10. Who’s Santa? – A kids game involving winking and trying to discover Who’s Santa, similar to playing Murder.

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