Friday, December 17, 2010

Parents Printable Kids Activities for Christmas and New Years Holiday for Your Peace of Mind

Parents want to take to do things for your kids where ever you go? Well then consider order the printable Christmas and New Year's game and activity pack to keep them entertained.

These printable games and activities can be taken anywhere and are the perfect answer for "I bored" or "I don't have anything to do." well you can print them out in advance and take them with you or you can login to your Printable Game Account, select a game and print it right there.

Games in the Christmas and New Year's Party Pack include:
- Christmas and Holiday Bingo
- Word Finds and Scrambles
- Christmas Charades and Pictionary
- Christmas Song Trivia
- Holiday Riddles and Trivia
- Fun Match Games
- Pin the Halo on the Angel
- Fun Conversation Games - Finish My Phrase
- Movie Trivia
And more games that include Winter, Christmas and New Year Themes

If you buy the Holiday party game pack, we bet the kids won't be the only ones playing games. These games are meant for kids and adults of all ages and are a blast for families to play together. So we expect that you'll be printing out a few for yourself too!

Happy Holidays,

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