Thursday, December 16, 2010

Competitive Christmas Party Games for Those Who Love a Challenge

Is your office competitive?
Do your friends constantly look for ways to turn everything into a competition?

Well we have a few Christmas Party Games that bring out the competitive spirit and are fun too.

Christmas Jeopardy
For those that like to match wits we suggest Christmas Jeopardy.

A fun way to test Christmas knowledge across a variety of categories and declare victory. Here's the perfect team game to get everyone mingling! With 15 different categories from Christmas Trivia to Name That Tune, everyone gets a chance to test their Christmas knowledge skills.

While this game is set up for teams is can also be play by individuals who have a vast amount of Holiday knowledge. Fun to play but you must always remember to answer in the form of a question.

It you want something more interactive take a classic game like Stack the Gifts and turn it into a Christmas Gift Stacking Relay Race you will not soon forget. As guests must balance more and more Christmas gifts through the obstacle course you create. Get game details for the Christmas Gift Stacking Relay. This game is fun for kids and adults too.

There is also a Blind Gift Stacking Game that involves good communication, team building and lots of frustration as teams must race to duplicate the present stack that has been created without seeing it. See game details for Blind Gift Stacking game.

Charades and Pictionary
Another classic and challenge game is Christmas Charades and  Pictionary where team members must act out or draw Christmas words and phrases. Yes, the joy of hearing things like "That was supposed to be a tree?" means that your guests and / or co-workers are having fun.

What we like about this is you can use the same cards to play Christmas Charades at the office and then play Holiday Pictionary at home with the family.

And if you want a real challenge turn the Charades version into Christmas Statue Charades where you have two people but one is a statue and the other person must pose them see the remaining team members can guess the word or phrase. Fun and a real challenge.

Need more Christmas games and ideas well we have over 50 additional Holiday and Christmas Party Games for your party or office event on our site, so check it out.

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SGolis said...

Wonderful ideas for Christmas games. I have a very large family and when we get together we always play games. I am bookmarking this post. Christmas trivia sounds like fun.