Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Printable Christmas Carol Games

Christmas Carol Match II
Christmas Carols are fun to sing but they also make great trivia and challenges during the holidays. We have several Christmas Carol games on the site and wanted to let you know about two new printable Christmas music games.

First is a new version of the popular Cerebral Christmas Carol Match game, Cerebral Christmas Carol Match II. Yes, if you and your friends had fun matching up Christmas Carols in the first game then you enjoy this new round of challenges in II.

So get your Christmas Carol thinking caps on and go!

Christmas Carol Picture Puzzle
The Second Christmas Carol game is fun for all ages but a unique challenge for those kids from 6 - 10. This Christmas Carol Picture Puzzle combines identifying what the pictures mean and matching them to the song.

So reading is important, however this can also be a fun activity where you can work in teams (child and adult) to solve the riddles together.

Winners can be determined by either the most correct answers or by the person to match all the answers correctly in the fastest time.No matter how you play it, I think the Christmas Carol Picture Puzzle should be a lot of fun.

We still have a variety of other Christmas music games for you, but wanted to share these new games so you might be able to something new this year.

Find over 50 additional Holiday and Christmas Party Games for your party at our site. 

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