Friday, December 10, 2010

Naughty Left Right Gift Passing Game Changes this Christmas Party Tradition

If you played a Holiday Left Right Gift Passing Game then you know that you listen to the Left Right story and pass your Christmas gift to the Left or Right and when it's over you get that gift.

Well for better or worse we've updated this Christmas Party Game where it's more like musical chairs and not a gift exchange. Our Left / Right Naughty or Nice Gift Passing Game is a game of gift passing, creative stories and fun.

In this version, you'll need a bunch of gift boxes, naughty and nice slips and some creative stories that involve passing gifts to the Left and Right. Good news we have a sample on the site to get you started.

What we like about our Naughty or Nice Left Right Gift Passing game is you don't need the guests to bring gifts, you can play it more than once and you get to use creative stories.

However if you need and enjoy the traditional Left Right Gift Passing Stories, we offer that party game too!
Plus you can find over 50 additional Holiday and Christmas Party Games for your party at our site. 

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