Monday, December 13, 2010

Classic Guess Game Adds Fun to Christmas Raffles and Office Parties

Add the Classic Guess how many games to your office Christmas party and add a little intrigue to your Holiday party. Most people have played How more candies, pennies or candy corn is in the jar. Well how about how many Gifts are in the Giant Gift?

Kids will be in awe of the Holiday game and it will have guests of all ages wondering what is inside, 100 small gifts or 5 large ones. And if you have to many gifts for a box, then see if you have one of more red sheets you can cover them with and call it, Guess How Many Gifts are in Santa's Bag?

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We we started thinking above all the types of gifts that could go into the box, this game becomes a real challenge. Here are some ways it could be tricky.
- A shirt box could hide 8 to 10 necklace boxes or 20+ ring boxes.
- Five or ten tie boxes don't take up much room
- Nestling boxes of 3, 4 or 5 would be fun to open
- Ornaments or Christmas favors could be put in the box.

And after the ornament and Christmas favors idea crossed my mind, we thought it might be a great idea to place raffle gifts inside the Big Gift Box as well and you can give them away as you are counting the presents.
So a game within a game!
A simple game idea turned into a more exciting game!

The only thing is to not to have so many items that it takes forever to count. So if there are boxes of 50 ornaments as employee gifts then just count them as 50 and move on.

Some ideas to make this Christmas game unique
- Place a ton of Gifts in the giant Gift Box
- Place less then 10 gifts in the Gift Box
- Have the kids Guess on the number of gifts in the box and the parents play to win raffled gifts.
- Have everyone guess the number of gifts

The goal is to be creative and have fun!
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