Friday, December 17, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Party Games Ready in 15 Minutes - Just Purchase, Print and Play

Your Christmas party is today, tonight or this weekend and you still need something fun but short for your holiday event, well if you have 15 - 25 minutes, a computer and a printer you can quickly come up with fun party games just in time for your party, lunch or office gathering. So you can move party games from your “To Do” list to “Done.”

There are lots of great printable Christmas games but we selected  some of our favorite Games with Christmas trivia that will entertain and challenge your group and stop them from thinking about work and get them thinking about the holidays.

Christmas Bingo – Snowy afternoon, kids party, holiday group event - anytime is a fun time to play Christmas Bingo and with these great Bingo cards, kids will play over and over again.

Christmas Song Lyrics - Everyone knows the words to that song, right? Well find out how well they know these Christmas carols. Three versions available.

Christmas Riddle Me This – Can your group solve these Christmas riddles? These thought provoking riddles are sure to challenge everyone. The only complaint in the reviews was that it was too hard, but everyone else enjoyed the challenge.

Twas the Night Before Christmas – Many of us have read or heard this story many times but most of us don’t know the words! Really, I thought I knew it word for word but sadly I had changed a few. A fun game for those who can and will laugh at themselves.

Toys and Games Challenge – This fun game is a mix of knowledge and matching as you must decide what toys and games came out in what decade. Examples: Tinkertoys, Tonka Trucks, Twister… I like this one because it is interesting and fun.

A Christmas Story Trivia - If your office is made up of 20 and 30 somethings then A Christmas Story trivia might be the most entertaining trivia game and everyone is challenged to come up with answers for this new holiday classic.

There are more printable Christmas games to choose from including Holiday Pictionary and Bingo, these are my favorites for office parties and social events for adults.

I you have a little extra time, check out 50 more Christmas games at my party games website. Most of those games are do it yourself games.

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