Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Toy Trivia Brings Back Memories and Trends of Past Holidays

When you were a kid did you wish for a Barbie, Atari Game System, Monopoly, Light Brite or a Cabbage Patch Kid? Well this Toy trivia game will have family and friends thinking back to their childhood to recall their Christmas Lists and favorite toys.

Toys Decade Challenge!
The Toys and Game Decade Challenge takes trivia even further to see if you can determine when these popular toys were introduced. The interesting thing is some of today's must popular toys are on this list and it's hard to believe that they have been around for decades!

Fun and entertaining the Toys and Games Challenge has toys introduced from the 1900's through the 1980's so it is best for adults. So for social groups, office parties, family gatherings and those 25 and up it's good fun. However young adults and kids under 25 are likely to be stumped by some of these toys. However with the use of the internet you can always show them what it is or what it was, so it can be used as a learning tool too. 

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