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10 Worst Baby / Toddler Halloween Costumes of 2012

Halloween is fun and silly when you are just 1, 2, or 3 years old. You aren't old enough to understand what is really popular in society, so adults tend to select their toddler's costumes.

While many like Lady Bugs, Cute Kitties, Colorful Monsters and pint sized Supper Heroes others are hideous and terrible toddler costumes. While researching this year's Halloween costumes, we came across costumes we thought were bad for various reasons. So in order to share these examples I cam up with the:

10 Worst Baby / Toddler Costumes of 2012

UPS Guy - Child Labor Laws?
The UPS Guy Toddler Costume
First I want to say that this costume is cute, but unlike a Policeman or Fireman costume that kids look up to, this is not an aspirational costume for a toddler. And it gets creppy if the Mom buys that costume because she has a crush on the UPS guy.

French Fries - You Are What You Eat!
French Fries Toddler Costume
Hmmm, nothing says I Love You like dressing your toddler up as French Fries from a Fast Food Restuarant. I would be concerned that any child caght in this costume may one day be super sized by their French Fry addiction.

Dora the Explorer - You Already Own This Costume
Dora the Explorer Deluxe Child Costume
We love Dora the Explorer, it's a fun show and everyday is a new adventure. However this costume makes are Worst List because most little girls already have a pink shirt and orange short in the closet! If you don't and your child wants to be Dora, head out to the mall and visit the children's clearance section for the clothes and then just add a backpack.

Flintstones Pebbles Costume - Saggy Costume Award
The Flintstones Pebbles Toddler / Child Costume
This costume makes the Worst List because of fit. Not only does this costume look bad, but you have to question why not just wear leggings rather than having a full body costume? Plus it look like a costume that kids could trip over themselves while wearing.

Red Dragon - Fresh from Battle

We love dragons, kids love dragons but when your dragon looks like it made a pit stop to the slaughter house, we aren't fan. Some of the elements of this dragon is fun but the red splatters, signals the animal is hurt or just ate something and for a toddler on Halloween it falls short of our expectations.

KISS Tiny Tikes Demon - How Old Are They?
KISS Tiny Tikes Demon Baby Costume
Hmm, I want to dress my child up as a KISS Demon because a. He wants to spit blood, b. KISS is he favorite band and he knows all the songs c. I love the 70's and what I say goes. If teens and adults want to dress up as KISS because they love the band great, have fun. However SEX, DRUGS and ROCK & ROLL don't make any sense for kids that cannot even read or write and therefore it makes our Worst Costumes for Toddlers List.

Star Wars Chewbacca - Doesn't Look Like The Real Thing
Star Wars Chewbacca Infant Costume
We love Star Wars and we love Chewbacca, however this "Official" makes our Worst list because this costumes look more like an space poodle than Chewbacca. Maybe they should just offer Ewoks in these sizes.

Where Wild Things Are Costume - Your What?
Where the Wild Things Are Deluxe Max Baby Costume
Are you a Baby Seal, King of the Polar Bears, Abominable Snowman, a Bumble from the Rudolph Cartoon? Oh, it's from Where the Wild Things Are, hmm... well you look cute. The costume just lacks the details to be a good costume. Plus who wants a costume where you can't grab any candy with those giant paws.

Bacon Bunting - Yummy Lard & Fat 
Bacon Bunting Infant Costume
First Lady Gaga had a meat dress now your child can be wrapped in bacon. Who wants to look back 10 years from now and think "Why the heck did I dress my kid in a bacon costume." So, unless you are a pig farmer or cattle rancher avoid this costume.

Woopie Cushion Bunting - I Know I Smell But...
Baby Woopie Cushion Bunting Infant Costume
We all know babies smell bad at times, but what type of first memory is it to be a human woopie cushion. In a household of pranksters, this might be fitting but in our opinion it just stinks!

I hoped you enjoyed our list of the 10 Worst Baby / Toddler Costumes for 2012. From now on we hope to only feature costumes we love or love to hate.

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Lindawilson317 said...

Really UPS guy? My BIL is a UPS guy and makes $85,000 a year, it's a good profession and there is nothing wrong with aspiring to be a UPS guy. I don't know many people that make that much money. He gets to be outside all the time and he's very active so he stays in great shape.