Thursday, September 13, 2012

Over the Hill & Retro Birthday Party Games for those Getting Better, Not Older!

Let's face it no one wants to get older, well at least no one over 30!

But everyone gets a little older every year and why not celebrate with an Over the Hill party that is silly and embarrassing or a Retro party that takes them back in time, that only seems like a few years ago rather than decades!

Well we've got some good news because we can help set you up with some great printable Retro & Over the Hill party games so you can make it a party to remember.

These party games work for Retro Parties and Over the Hill Birthday Parties as they sure do test your knowledge and show your age. However in the end only the wisest will win these challenges.

For those planning a 40th Birthday Party
Look for Retro games targeting the 80's and 90's
Our Favorite:
This & That 1980's Trivia
This & That 1980's Trivia

Other Great 80's and 90's Retro Games
As Seen on 80's TV - Trivia Challenges for Teenagers of the 80's
80's Video & Arcade Trivia - Pac Man and Donkey Kong were King!
TV Theme Songs 80's and 90's Style - A good mix between two decades
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For those planning a 50th Birthday Party
Look for Retro games targeting the 70's and 80's
Our Favorite
Silly Seventies Slang
Silly Seventies Slang

Other Great 70's and 80's Games
Name that 80's Song - Was it Madonna, Duran Duran or a 1 Hit Wonder?
This and That 70's Trivia - Get on Down and Test Your Knowledge
All Star 70's Revue - If you lived it or watch TVLand this will be easy
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For those planning a 60th Birthday Party
Look for Retro games targeting the 60's and 70's
Our Favorite
Sixties Groovin Song Titles Quiz
Sixties Groovin’ Song Titles Quiz

Other Great 60's and 70's Games
Time for Play - 60's and 70's Cool Toy Trivia
Fabulous Fads Scramble - You really need to have lived it to win it.
This and That Sixties Trivia - The Older you are the more you know
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And if you Really Need Over the Hill Games and Really Challenging Decade Games Consider
Toys and Decade Challenge - Hard but Fun
Celebrity Kingpins 50's Style
Name That Over the Hill Host

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I hope these quick printable party games help make your Over the Hill Birthday or Retro Party more fun.


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