Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bacon Costumes - Nothing Says Halloween Like Bacon

Few things say "Good Morning" like bacon and our love for Bacon has now reached new heights as you and your family can be bacon this Halloween with "Bacon Costumes" for the entire family.

In the past there was the sad looking Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume.
This sad attempt at bacon left many a man humble and craving something more, something better, if only a real Bacon Costume could be produced.

Would there ever be a Bacon Costume to rival Lady Gaga's meat dress. Well the answer is yes, a resounding yes indeed. Now your family can be "Bacon" and be happy any day of the year.

We've put together the perfect Bacon Family
Bacon Costumes for Halloween

We have linked directly to the Bacon Costume or to a site that sells it.
Guys you can be a tasty Bacon Strip or Suit Up as Bacon
Ladies you can make his mouth water with a Bacon Dress Costume
The family baby can join in on the fun and be a Baby Bacon Bunting
And don't forget about your dog, he can suit up in dog Bacon costume too!

All this bacon talk makes me hungry for bacon cooked in maple syrup, oh so yummy. And if you want to be the tastiest treat at any Halloween party, then just order yourself these delicious Bacon Costumes!
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