Thursday, September 20, 2012

Clean Bachelorette Party? This Game is a Little Messy, But Entertaining Too!

So you want a fun Bachelorette party but also want it to be clean?

Well how can you live on the edge and still make the bride blush, consider playing Decorate the Private Parts  game.

This game is relatively safe but does have a dark side twist and it works well for Bachelorette parties held at someones home.

All you need to have guests do is decorate a cake.
That's it. Easy, fun and a little messy!

Penis Cupcake Molds
Cupcake Molds
However, it's not your ordinary cake, it's a cake of a man's private parts. The best part about this is that you real can have your cake and eat it too.

One great thing about this Bachelorette party game is that you can adapt it to make these little or big guys, happy little guys or dirty devils. I think it would be fun to have a Silly Willy decorating contest where the Silliest Willy wins, but you can choose your own theme.

One fun idea for bachelorette's that are nervous about her Bachelorette Party being to dirty, is to try to keep this bachelorette party activity a secret and joke around with her that something big is in store for her.

Erotic Penis Cake Pan
Penis Cake Pan
Then just when she think's she is going to be exposed to something she doesn't want to see and she turns her head to look away, turn on some stripper dance music like Janet Jackson's Nasty Boys and say "Bring Out the Penises for the Bachelorette to Judge!" Most likely she'll be mortified and turn bright red, but when she sees that these are cakes or cupcakes, hopefully her fear will turn to laughter.

Once she sees these decorated private parts she can then pick out her favorite and the person who decorated that cake wins a prize.

Note you can have individuals decorate cupcakes or groups of two or three work on a big cake, either way this Bachelorette game is sure to be very entertaining for everyone involved.

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