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Use Baby Name News to Create Your Baby Shower Name Game!

Everyday I see party game and shower game opportunities.

And if you are in the need for a Baby Shower game here is how to use a news article to create your own Baby Shower Name Game.

This article was on Yahoo on 9/11/12
Most Popular Baby Names, 2011 vs. 1911: William stands the test of time.

No overall this doesn't seem like the best resource for a Baby Shower Game, since it points out that William is the only name to stand the test of time. However, by checking out the details there are a few great ideas for creating your own Baby Name Game.

1. Now and Then Baby Name Game
You'll need to create 2 documents:
a. Baby Names 1911
b. Baby Names 2012
Create a Grid that allows you to type, The Year, Male Name, Female Name and List numbers on the side 1 - 20.

To Play Hand out the 2012 Sheet and a pen to each player and ask them to fill in what they believe the Top 20 Baby Names are for 2012. (With correct spelling) Give guests 5 minutes to complete this.

Then surprise then buy giving them the second sheet, Top Baby Names of 1911 and repeat the process. Once an additional 5 minutes is up, then go over the names and score 1 point for each correct name. Most points wins.

2. Create Your Own Trivia Game using the Data from Baby Name news article and other resources.
The news article gives you a few questions that would work best as multiple choice questions.

1. What Boys Name was a Top 20 name in 2011 and 1911?
Micheal, Paul, Joseph, John, James
In this case the answer is James. #3 in 1911 and #17 in 2011

2. In 1911 and 2011 four of the Top 20 Baby Girl's Names started with an "E." Which name starting with an "E" made both lists? Evelyn, Elizabeth, Ella, Emily, Emma
The answer is Elizabeth.
Interesting fact: Emma was a Top 10 Baby name in the 1880's & 1890's and didn't return to popularity until the 1990's and finally cracked the Top 10 again in the 2000's.

Fun Facts: Evelyn, Lillian and Anna are all rising baby girl names and could be in the Top 20 again within two - three years. While names like Mildred, Ethel, Gladys, Louise and Edna don't even make the Top 500 baby names of 2011.

The only problem with trying to pull all your trivia from 100 years apart, is that it is hard to come up with a lot of questions. So consider weaving in additional questions from our Top Baby Names by decade list. Here we have some sample questions and top baby names by decade. View Baby Names Quiz

3. If you don't have the time to create your own Baby Name Game - We've Got Options
Printable Baby Games are fun, fast and come right from your printer, plus you don't have to research any facts or work with any graphics to make it look good. Plus many of the games can be personalized too!

a. It's also a Baby's Name
See who can best answer the clues to Name these Names
It's Also A Baby Name

b. Baby Name Scramble - Fun and Creative
Baby's Name Scramble

c. Baby Names A to Z Game - A Fun Challenge
A to Z Baby Name Race

If you like the ideas of printable shower games but didn't see one that you like well check out over 70 More Printable Baby Shower games like Bingo, Trivia, Couples Games and more.

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