Friday, September 7, 2012

3 Clean Bachelorette Party Game Ideas

Is the Bride to Be Reserved, Shy or Underage?

You want to have fun but don't want to embarrass her or cause her panic, well here are 3 Clean Bachelorette pary games that focus on the person inside.

Who Knows The Bachelorette?
Who Knows the Bachelorette
This game is perfect for conversations, bonding and sharing stories and it is all about the bride. The game can take 10 minutes or thirty depending on how much people discuss the questions.

Stud or Dud?
This easy DIY Bachelorette game can be played a few ways. 1. Where each person comments on whether they think the person is a stud or a dud and why, in this option sit is just silly conversational fun. 2. Ask the Bride to Rate all the Guys and then guests try to correct guess the bride-to-be's answer. 3. Before going around the group each person must determine if they think the group thinks this person is a stud or dud and then also may make there selection; which can be different than the group answer. Once everyone has their vote in, the reveals begin and you can see who is right. One point for correct answer, play until someone reaches 10 correct answers. Here for more Stud or Dud Game details.

Things In The Bride's Purse
Things in the Bride / Bachelorette's Purse
This game makes an easy trasition from Bridal Shower game to Bachelorette party game and is an easy ice-breaker. Just have fun with it and hope there is nothing embarrassing in the Bachelorette's purse.

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