Thursday, August 30, 2012

Most Annoying Halloween Costumes Ever - Annoying Orange Makes the Move to Halloween

If you thought Halloween was spooky, scary and fun, well guess again, it's going be annoying too.

Yes, the Annoying Orange Adult Costume and friends have made the move from YouTube Videos to Halloween and for those who can't stand phrases like "I'm an orange. You're an apple. I'm an orange." and endless heckling and laughing be ready for a long night.

And if the Annoying Orange isn't enough, they made costumes for his friends, Apple and Pear too. All I can say is, have the aspirin ready just in case any of your friends wear these Halloween Costumes and try to impersonate the Annoying Orange.

My fear is that these costumes could lead to a Halloween tragedy. Hmm, does make me think that an Annoying Orange Halloween party could be very entertaining, you could even spin it to be "Who Killed the Annoying Orange?"

If you have never seen the Annoying Orange, you are lucky but here is a video.

Here are the Annoying Orange Costumes
The Annoying Orange Adult Costume
Annoying Orange Adult's Costume
Annoying Orange Apple Costume

Annoying Orange Apple Adult's Costume
Annoying Orange Pear Costume
Annoying Orange Pear Adult's  Costume
What may be the most Annoying thing yet about this costume is that these Annoying Orange costumes come in child, teen and adult sizes, so not only may you be annoyed by your friends but you are going to find their kids extremely more annoying than normal.

Hopefully you'll find a way to survive Halloween without being annoyed to much. However, if you want these Annoying Orange costumes you better act fast as they could be popular like last year's Angry Bird's, but only time will tell.

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