Thursday, August 2, 2012

Minefield Party Game - Unique Kid's Birthday Party Game

Party games don't have to cost a lot of money, but you just need to find creative fun that guests will enjoy.

With that we present Minefield Party Game, inspired by the computer game Minefield.

This game works in large indoor spaces and outdoors as well and involves creating a minefield grid, selecting where the mines go and start game play.

What is game is that Party Game Ideas created Minefield marking sheets, pdf's, that you can print out saving you time. Plus we offer a few game twists you can add to your game to make it more interesting.

This Minefield Party Game works great for teams and individuals play too.

You can adapt Minefield to various party themes too.

Here are some examples:
Frog or Water Theme: Cross the Lillypads - instead of Mines you have waterholes and if you step in a waterhole and land in the pond your out of the game.
Zombies - Halloween: Instead of mines mark where the zombies are. Guests must them move from there location (Start Line) and cross the town to get to the safe house.
Cinderella - Princess: Mines can be potholes and Cinderella must try to make it back to the castle with only one shoe before midnight but in order to do it she must do it without hitting a pothole.

Check out Minefield game details & pdf's at Party Game Ideas.

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