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Bridal Shower Games for Large Groups

Recently, Tonya from Vineland, NJ, sent me an email asking "What type of bridal shower games can be played when you have a large group of people attending the shower?

As I started writing my response, I paused and thought a blog about this topic would be best since it is not the first time we have been asked about large group wedding and bridal shower games.

Here are a few things to consider before deciding on large group wedding / bridal shower games.
1. Location
If you are at someones house, can everyone fit in a room to play or watch a game? Will people have to stand to play? Can everyone sit and write answers? The goal is to rule out games that aren't feasible for your location, therefore helping you discover games that will work.

If you are at a restaurant or private space, can you separate groups to work in private? Would your event be viewable to the public, even from a distance or are you behind closed doors?

2. Age of Guests
Will guests be 8 to 80 or 21 - 60? Bridal Shower games should include all guests so, if young guests are included then keep the games PG friendly and if guests are older consider not doing any games involing relays or moving fast.

General Game Play Ideas

1. With large groups, try to divide them into smaller groups or teams. So a group of 48 guests could be divided up in 8 groups of 6 players for various games.

2. With groups that are seated at tables, consider mini playoff rounds. So each table of 5 - 8 people plays a mini game (like a 5 questions trivia or a number game close to the amount wins) and the winner of the mini game then plays in a game involving winners from each table, in front of all the guests. Note a player can only win a mini challenge once, this way if you play 2 or 3 games then you have a variety of players.

Mini Challenge Ideas: a.) Five Tivia Questions about the Bride, First one done with right answers wins. b. ) How many M&M's in a jar? Ask all tables and once answers are in reveal and closest to number play. c.) Ask a general trivia question and the first person to raise their hand and answer correctly - Gets to play.

3. Consider Games Involving Rounds
Games involving elimination rounds help to quickly large numbers down to smaller ones.

Teams can be challenged against each other and the winner moves one. Kind of like and NCAA Basketball bracket.

You can also hand out numbers 1, 2, and 3 for trivia questions; ask everyone to stand and then Ask the Question and Post possible answers and guests hold up a 1, 2, or 3. Guests select an answer and hold it up, you announce the answer and all those with the wrong answer sit. Those still in the game play another round.

4. Tables of Guests Play Against Each Other
If you have guests seated together for the event, have the games be table based rather than entire group based. This works well for playing a variety of pen and paper games and allows for more winners. If you choose to play games like this, consider baked goods as prizes as they won't break the bank and they are sure to be enjoyed.

Last Thoughts... Before I Give You Large Group Bridal Shower Games
In many cases with a large group there is a lot of socializing and if you open gifts at the shower it can a very long time. With that said consider planning just 1 or 2 games for the shower and maybe having a one extra game as a just in case back up.

Here are Wedding / Bridal Shower Games for Large Groups

1. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game - This wedding dress competition turns into your own Project Runway event as you divide up teams, give them rolls of toilet paper and give them a limited amount of time to get their Wedding Dress ready for a fashion show. More details on Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game.

2. Who Knows the Bride & Groom - This trivia game can be played by giving guests 3 answers to choose from or tables and small groups can play amonst themselves. It is fun and relevant and can be played as a pen and paper game or an interactive audience participation game. More details on Who Knows the Bride & Groom game. Printable version of Who Knows the Bride you can print and play.

Bridal Bingo

Bridal Shower Bingo - Sometimes the simplest game is the best game because a.) People know how to play it and b.) It's easy and fun. Bridal Shower Bingo is best played when you had a place where everyone can sit down, have space and you have markers to mark your bingo sheet. Printable Bridal Shower Bingo game prints over 200 difference Bingo cards.

4. Centerpiece Game - This game is almost a non-game as it is a random winner based off of place something underneath the chair or based on a random question, but guests often like it because they get to take something home.

5. Don't Say Bride or Wedding - This classic game gets really intense in a large group and plays off of large social events. You'll find that several guests will go all in to win this ongoing game and others will be fine to say "bride" or "wedding" without hesitation. Game ideas for Don't Say Bride or Wedding.

6. Bridal Shower Word Games - These games can be good to play in a large sit down setting and can be played by the entire group or you can have different tables play different games. These are fun liitle extras to help kill some time and bridge events in the shower. Check out a select of printable Bridal Shower Games.

In trying to identify good large group games, we wanted to make sure that guests will feel involved and give you a variety of ideas and ways to adjust games you know. We toyed with variations of Charades and What's in the Bride's Purse but found that these could be difficult to pull off with 30, 40 or more people.

View our web site for additional Bridal Shower Games that may be able to be adapted to your event.

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