Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halloween Trees Help Create Haunted Forests for Halloween Parties

Looking to create a Haunted Forest, Spooky Woods or add mystery and suspense to any room or area well then this Haunted Tree and Stump Set are the perfect Halloween decorations.

3 Trees and Stump SetLast year I was able to see these trees at a Spirit Halloween store and was surprised that they sold out of them before October 1st!

I learned from the Spirit Store Manager that people loved the trees because:
1. The are Lightweight and Easy to Move
2. With Back Lighting and Mist they become Very Spooky
3. Drape Fake Cobwebs for an Eerie Effect
4. Makes a Spooky Entry
5. In Dim & Shadowy Light it does Look Like a Forest
6. Spooky but Not to Scary for Kids
7. Very Adaptable - Can be used for Halloween or Harvest Themes

These Haunted Trees would also be great accents around your food table, just add a few pumpkins and cornstalks to complete the look.

I could also see adding glow in the dark eyes to them to give the idea that they are alive and watching your guests. If you buy to sets and create a Spooky or Haunted Forest the kids will feel like the forest is alive and watching them. Our Halloween games Witch Hunt or Broomstick Witch Hunt could be enhanced using these Halloween Tree Props. You might also just want to create a Spooky Halloween Story and use the Haunted Trees as a path you can walk around.

Right now these Halloween Trees are in stock, but we can't guarantee they will be available through Halloween.

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