Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Lion King's Return Puts Simba and Nala on Halloween Costume List

Movie relaunches are hit or miss, but last weekend Disney brought back The Lion King in 3-D and a whole new group of kids got to see Simba and Nala like never before.

Between now and Halloween more than 5 million people will return to watch The Lion King and sure enough when those under the age of 5 are asked, "What do you want to be for Halloween?" they might respond "Simba" or "Nala."

However here is what you need to know, neither Disney planned for a Halloween push because relaunches are unpredictable. Example Toy Story was relaunched and only did $12 million total. To put this in perspective The Lion King did 2.5 times that in it's first weekend!

The result is that you are not going to find Lion King costumes in every Halloween shop but you will Captain America, Harry Potter and Angry Birds in most of them.

If you need a Simba or Nala Halloween costume, we found a few for you.

We found this cute Toddler Simba costume at the Disney Store
Lion King - Plush Simba Costume for Infants and Toddlers

We also found Toddler / Child Costumes at Buy Costumes
The Lion King - Simba Toddler / Child Costume

The Lion King - Nala Toddler / Child Costume

We could find a child's Pumba costume but did find an interesting Pumba adult mask, they also had adult Simba and Nala masks like this too.
The Lion King - Pumba Headpiece (Adult)
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