Thursday, September 22, 2011

Haunted House Must Have, Animated Flying Bats

Planning a Haunted House for Halloween and need that something extra that doesn't cost a fortune?

Animated Flying Bat DecorationWell these Animated Flying Bats are sure to cause a stir as they flutter overhead not only looking like they could be real bats but they actually flutter and sound like bats. Put three or four of them in a room, add additional bat accents, dim the lights, add eerie fog and you've got a creepy bat cave. 

We first saw these bats at the Halloween store last year and learned that these bats tend to sell out quickly at the store but can be found online. While they are simple, they are also very cool.

Mix these bats with a drop down bat or two and add paper bats to the ceiling and you will create a creepy sea of movement as the paper bats move because the animated flying bats are causing the air to move and hence the paper bats will be moving too. Guests won't realize if there are 2 or 20 bats in your room and that is exactly what you want! Plus you can pick up 3 flying bats for under $25. (Note: Prices accurate at time of post, subject to change)

One thing to note is that these bats do take, AA batteries so are advice would be to make sure you have extra batteries on hand for your party so the bats remain animated. Learn more or purchase Animated Flying Bats online.

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