Thursday, September 29, 2011

Skeleton Accessories - Shoes, Leggings, More for Your Halloween Costume

While researching some Skeleton costumes, I couldn't help notice so interesting Skeleton accessories I just never noticed or knew about so I thought I would share them with you because I thought they were great accents for Halloween costumes or just having fun.

Women's Skeleton High Heels add intrigue to your costume or just let people know you love Halloween.
Skeleton (Female) Adult Shoes
These Men's Skeleton Shoes add the finishing touch to a dapper skeleton.
Skeleton Shoes Adult
Skeleton Gloves with Wrist Bone
Skeleton Glove And Wrist Bone Gloves (Adult)

Ladies Long Black Bone Gloves
Long Black Gloves With Bone Design Adult

Creepy Skeleton or Grim Reaper Bone Hands
Character Hands - Skeleton

Skeleton Tights - They had a sheer version too!
Skeleton Tights Adult

Skeleton Leggings add a nice touch
Skeleton Leggings Adult

This fun Skeleton accessories add a little extra to any Halloween costume and are a fun way to change things in at home, the office and at the party.

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SammyD said...

The shoes are VERY cool, I think I may have to change my planned Halloween costume now!