Friday, September 30, 2011

Bone Collector - Kid's Halloween Party Game Where They Must Find Skeleton Bones

The Bone Collector Halloween Game is a fun game of Skeleton Bones hide and seek.

This Halloween party game was submitted by Samantha as part of our ongoing Halloween Contest. If you have a great Halloween Party Theme or Game Idea submit it for a chance to Win.

Bone Collector Game Overview:
- Recommended for Kid's Halloween parties, but the idea would also work for Explorer and Archeological Dig Birthday parties with a few modifications.
- Best for Ages 7 - 11 years old, but can be played by older kids, adults and families.
- Space: Best for Outdoors and large rooms
- Lighting: Best in low to medium light, but not outside at night
- Expenses: Skeleton Bag of Bones, other items are DIY and can be made from cardboard, paper and involves printing out images
- Length of Halloween Game: Depending on team size and number of bones to find 8 - 12 minutes
- Game Background: Yes, we have a background story involving Dr. VanShackel

The Bone Collector will have kid's running in search of Skeleton Bones that have gone missing from the camp. With your guests help Dr. VanShackel's bones can be found.

Learn more about how to play this DIY Halloween game, Bone Collector now.

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