Friday, September 23, 2011

Animated Frankenstein Halloween Decoration - A Classic Monster That Will Move You

Frankenstein, The Wolfman, Vampires and The Creature from the Black Lagoon are all classic monsters.

Life-sized Boris Frankenstein Animated PropBut Frankenstein has returned to life and with just a little electricity you can give him the power to LIVE AGAIN! Ha haa hhhaaaaa hhhhaaaa haa haa, oh sorry about that.

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This life sized Frankenstein animated prop stands 6 foot tall and towers over most townfolk and animals. Small children will run in fear as Frankenstein comes to life and threatens to, threatens to...., threatens to do something but I can't understand what he is saying but it is enough to clear your porch of Trick or Treaters and scare the cat off your favorite chair. See Video Below:

More deteails on this 6 foot tall monster.
- Officially Licensed Boris Karloff Frankenstein
- Motion Activated Frankenstein is posable (also push button activated)
- Emits a Range of Sounds which are mainly grunts and groans.
- For Indoor Use, so if you do take it outside to the porch on Halloween, don't leave him out there and keep Frankenstein dry or he may never rise again.
- For 6 ft. tall, he is pretty light just under 27 lbs.

Learn more about this Animated Frankenstein.

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