Friday, August 12, 2011

Make the Bachelorette Blush with Guess the Panties Game

Need a safe game to get your Bachelorette and group in the mood for an adventurous night?

Well Guess the Panties is a safe, fun and a little naughty game that might make the Bachelorette and the guest blush too. What will like about this game is that it is perfect for any woman about to get married and can be played in a hotel room, home and if you have a private room or corner of a restaurant.

Please note it is not best to play this Bachelorette game where there will be lots of kids and maybe not where there are guys drinking either; now that I think about it.

For Guess the Panties each guest is asked to purchase a pair of panties and bring it to the party unwrapped without the price. Then the panties are placed into a bag and that is when the fun begins. The Bachelorette must than one by one pull out a pair of panties and determine who gave them.

We added a few other Bachelorette ideas to this game, Guess the Panties and even added another version that is even naughtier!

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