Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Smurfs Trending Halloween Costume!

Papa Smurf, Smurfette and all their little friends seem to be multiplying little, well Smurfs!

A month ago Smurfs really weren't on the radar as a popular Halloween costume, but then the movie came out and those cute little blue Smurfs pushed Pooh, Cars and even Kung Fu Panda out of the way to become a trending Halloween costume for the under 7 crowd.

While parents may not have loved the Smurfs Movie, both boys and girls found the movie to be fun and entertaining. And historically speaking, the last big kids movie released before Halloween often plays an important role in what kids want to be for Halloween and with more than 8 million viewers of the Smurfs Movie, blue is in this Halloween. Check out our Top Halloween costumes now.

Here are some Smurf Costumes and accessories we found online.
The Smurfs-Smurf Infant/Toddler Costume
Toddler - Smurf Costume
and Smurf Child Costume

The Smurfs-Smurfette Child Costume
Smurfette Costume
and Smurfette Infant/Toddler Costume

Plus we found cute Smurfs Mittens for children and Smurf Shoe Covers too.

We thought the kids Smurf costumes we adorable and so cute, but if your an adult Smurf at heart they have Papa Smurf and Smurf costume accessories for you too.
The Smurfs Costumes

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