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Ten Costume Trends for Halloween 2011

Yes it's August and Yes it's going to be 90 or more in many parts of the US today, but believe it or not Halloween is right around the corner and hopefully so is cooler weather. So, what are the emerging Halloween costume trends for Halloween 2011?

Well after much review of costume shops, Summer movies, music and tv, Party Game Ideas has put together our Ten Costume Trends for Halloween 2011.

1. Captain America will be the most popular of the Summer Blockbuster Superheros. While the Thor might have sold more tickets than Captain America, men, women and children will be wearing traditional and revised Captain America costumes.

2. Harry Potter remains a powerhouse and while there will still be many Harry, Hermione and Ron's this Halloween expect to see many more Voldemort's as this villain has finally arrived.

3. Angry Birds - Yes Angry Birds costumes will be out and about this year, so expect to see fun mobs of Red and Yellow Angry birds attacking Green Pigs! A fun group Halloween costume.

4. Bridesmaids Dresses make a comeback. Still have that ugly Bridesmaid dress from your friends wedding? Well thanks to the female version of the Hangover, Bridesmaids, you'll get to see many of those horrible dresses again.

5. Monster High - For tweens and some teenagers Monster High is the rage and now they have released more costumes for Halloween 2011. However, in my opinion these costumes are now age appropriate.

6. Smurfs - Yes the Smurfs and Smurfette are back and are here to haunt adults and and encourage kids to hold their ground until they are blue in the face. No need to worry, the price of a Smurf costume shouldn't leave you blue.

7. Transformers - Yes Transformers are back with this Transformers 3 movie, but while there is a uptick in interest in Transformers costumes, it is lower than after Transformers 2. Demand will for Transformers costumes will be higher for kids, than for adults.

8. Amy Winehouse and Micheal Jackson will get a Halloween bump. Amy Winehouse who sang Rehab and past away in July will be an under the radar kind of do it yourself costume, that we think has momentum. Michael Jackson, while down in 2010 will receive renewed interest when his murder trail begins in September.

9. Lady Gaga, Snooki and the rest of the Jersey Shore get kicked to the curb for 2011. While these looks ruled Halloween 2010, Lady Gaga has had no iconic looks since the launch of her album Born The Way and Snooki and the Jersey Shore cast now seem washed up and so over exposed that we expect the to be deeply discounted by October. Good News - You can you the Snooki bump wigs for your Amy Winehouse costume.

10. Movies influence on Halloween continues.
While I did not single them out, Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean, Kung Fu Panda, Cars 2, The Green Lantern, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and even Winnie the Pooh movie will drive kids and adults to dress and buy Halloween costumes that reflect characters in those movies. And we expect that Conan, Spy Kids, Twilight and even next summers Batman movie will increase interest in those costumes as well. Overall, movies play a big role each year in creating short and long term trends that make Halloween interesting, fun and ever changing and we like that.

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