Thursday, September 16, 2010

Unique Halloween Party Games Can Be Easy With Simple Planning

Halloween Parties can be great fun, but can also create a lot of stress as you plan the menu, think up party games and try to find the perfect Halloween decorations. 

At Party Game Ideas, we have come up with a few tips for helping you plan successful Halloween party games for all ages.

Top Halloween Party Game Tips
1. Combine 2 or 3 games into One Party Game
- In Halloween Survivor - Each round of the game is a different challenge. Solve a puzzle, shoot at a basket, hit a target, answer trivia questions, etc...
- Ghost Hunter - First you find the Ghosts and then solve the riddle

By combining different game elements in one Halloween game, you create a unique game that stands out even if each single game is basic.

2. Scary or Gross Halloween Games are Memorable
For Tweens and Teen Halloween Parties, gross or scary sense related games tend to be a big success. Halloween parties for teenagers are extremely tough since everyone wants to have cool games and they don't want any silly kid games. Our thoughts are consider offer helping create one Halloween game like Eat your Brains, Halloween Fear Factor or The Morgue Assistant and let them choose the other games.

3. For Offices and Adults - Trivia Rules
Often adult of office Halloween parties a simple yet interesting Halloween trivia game can be fun and entertaining. Often the best time is reviewing the questions and providing the answer and any Halloween trivia behind the question. Halloween Movie Trivia and Facts about Halloween Candy would be great places to start. Need more ideas check out these printable Halloween trivia games.

4. Children's Halloween Games work for Adult Halloween Parties
Maybe because they are simple, easy to play or just remind us of good times, but often going retro and playing silly Halloween games can be fun when you are an adult. Halloween Corners, Mummy Wrap, Spooky Sounds Story or even a Halloween Bean Bag Toss game can be fun and silly for adults.

5. A Good Halloween Story - Makes Games More Interesting
Do you want to asked to guess what the five items are in the bowls or do you want to know that our last Morgue Assistant got cold feet and left work last Thursday night and never returned. He had been working on Mr. Winter's body but left everything in the cooler, I am going to new you to help me figure out where Mr. Winter's fingers, eyes and ears are so we can determine his cause of death....
Adding a storyline or plot to a Halloween game or scavenger hunt sets the mood and purpose to the game. Be creative, have fun and put a unique spin on your Halloween activities.

Now that you have these Halloween game tips, you can get creative and start planning a frightfully good Halloween game or check out Party Game Ideas for Halloween games and adapt them as you need.

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