Friday, September 10, 2010

Halloween Game Gross Enough for Teens to Enjoy

To old to Trick or Treat and they don't want to play silly games, well in Halloween Fear Factor the more gross the food is the better. Last year Halloween Fear Factor was our most popular Halloween teen game idea.

So popular was this idea that food items we recommended for Halloween Fear Factor game sold out online. Knowing this we wanted to get this game idea out early so parents and teens and find all the items for this game.

Best thing is that thing game can be as gross as you want, they can eat real crickets, lavae, meal worms, gizzards or just things that look gross like squishy gummi eyes and other gross Halloween candy.  So while this game is perfect for grossing out teenagers it can also be adapted for tweens too.

Check out the game details for Halloween Fear Factor and also have fun checking out the Gross Halloween Candy we dug up.

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