Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Keep Fear Alive - Colbert's March Makes for a Perfect Halloween Party Theme

Keep Fear Alive is Stephen Colbert's march in DC on October 30th!

October 30th, the biggest Halloween Party Night of the year!

While we can't make it to the Keep Fear Alive March in DC, we do think that this is a great Halloween Party Theme. Seriously, this is funny and a theme to go super scary and for some maybe a little political.

If you select the Keep Fear Alive theme and don't want political statements at the party - ask people to leave all politics behind.

Anyways if you are planning a Halloween party and want to use this theme. Start planning your event today and order your Halloween invitations, get spooky decorations and party supplies and check out some hauntingly good Halloween party games at our web site.

Learn about the Keep Fear Alive March here

Happy Hauntings

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