Friday, September 10, 2010

Top 10 Halloween Party Planning Tips

It may seem scary to start your Halloween party planning now, but before you know it the seasons will begin to change and Halloween will be here. By taking steps now, you'll be sure to have a hauntingly successful Halloween party.

Here are our Top 10 Halloween Party Planning Tips
1. Select the Date for Halloween Party
Halloween falls on on Sunday this year so top Halloween Party days are October 29th, 30th and 31st with the 21st, 22nd and 28th also excellent alternative days for Halloween events. Many communities may have Trick or Treating on Saturday rather than on Sunday this year, so be sure to check before finalizing your Halloween event.

2. Decide on Type of Halloween Party
Costume Party, Murder Mystery or Casual Dress
Attendees: Adults, Kids or Both
Activities: Halloween games, Scavenger Hunts, Haunted House or Social Gathering

3. Determine Halloween Party Theme
Favorite Monster or Horror Movie, Animals, Dead Celebrity, Super Hero & Princess, Black & White, Most Creative or just a Classic Halloween Costume Party.

4. Set a Budget for Halloween Party
Invitations, Halloween Decorations, Costume Food, etc... Once you set your budget it's time to get creative and shop online, check out yard sales, thrift stores, borrow and get creative.

5. Send out Halloween Party Invitations
We have found some awesome Halloween invitations from a variety of party sites and they range from spooky to oh so cute - so check out and order them today. If mailing we recommend sending them out between after September 20th and by October 5th. This is very important if you are asking for an RSVP and if other parties are being planned.

6. Halloween Decorations
Consider your budget and determine what type of mood and setting you want for your Halloween party. Consider a wall scene setter to add excitement to a boring wall, foggers to give a sense of eeriness, haunting ghouls to creep guests out, a haunting cd to give them chills and animated props like witches, Jason and zombies to scare them to death! 

7. Decide Your Halloween Costume
Whether you make your own Halloween costume or purchase a new costume, it's important that you decide on your Halloween costume and purchase by the 10th or at least the 15th of October. Why do we recommend this? Because your Halloween party is a big event and planning ahead will help it go smoothly.

8. Decide on Halloween Games, Costume Contest & Activities
Add Halloween games and activities can make your party a truly memorable event, so decide which Halloween games match your event. Halloween Trivia and Bingo games work in offices, fun bean bag and target games, scary story games are great for kids, tweens and teens enjoy gross games and outdoor activities and adults might enjoy a challenging Halloween murder mystery! Great news we have Halloween game ideas for all of these!

9. Plan on Haunting Food Menu, Party Supplies  & Food Display
We recommend you plan 1 or 2 featured items of scary foods and surround them with basics, this way the featured items will stand out. Also how you present items can make something ordinary look gross. Consider a ghoul throwing up salsa - yuck! but it's only salsa. So be creative and have fun, we put together some Halloween party supplies to help you get started.

10. Party Prep One Week in Advance
It may sound silly but if you are having a big Halloween party, have everything ready 1 week in advance. Go over your check list of what you have and still need, place all decorations and room items together and start setting up if you haven't already started, put all food together, review guest list and make any last minute changes to menu or props. Remember if you have a lot to do invite a few friends to help you set up and prepare.

These Top 10 Halloween Party Planning Tips should help you plan for a successful Halloween Party this year and help you enjoy planning for the big event with less stress!

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady
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