Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Treasure Hunt - Plan Ahead for Fun

Have kids that like challenges well, consider creating a Halloween Treasure Hunt this year.

Half the fun of a Halloween Treasure Hunt is coming up with great clues and the other half is watching the kids or teams of adults try and solve the clues and find the Treasure.

We have a few Halloween Treasure Hunt Tips
1. Create a background story - The treasure was lost by a Witch, Pirates, Zombies, Ghosts or someone else and create a story of how it was lost and what it contains.

2. Make sure you Halloween props that match the story - Think of things that Witches, Pirates or Skeletons more have or loose and place those items on the path and around your house.

3. Make the clues match the age group and for young kids have an adult to help with additional ideas if the clues are to tough. This way the kids won't get bored and everyone will have fun.

To help you get started we have a sample Halloween Treasure Hunt and helpful ideas.

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