Thursday, June 28, 2012

Watermelon Games for Family Reunion, Picnic & Holiday Fun

Just a quick note, July 4th is next week and that means picnics, family reunions, fireworks and fun.

That means outdoor events, food and America's favorite summertime snack watermelon.

Watermelon tastes great and it is good for you too. We have come up with a variety of watermelon games and activities for land and water involing watermelon.

Check out our list of Watermelon games that kids, teens and adults can play at your picnic, July 4th cookout and any family gathering. We have also created a handy Watermelon Games pdf so you can easily print out and read the game ideas, rather than quint and try to read it online.

Hope these Watermelon Games make your picnic, family reunion and 4th of July parties a success.
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