Tuesday, June 26, 2012

July 4th Games - Picnic, Trivia and Bingo Games

July 4th is coming and it's time to start planning your holiday celebration.

For many celebrating America's Birthday involves getting together with family and friends, cooking on the grill, sharing travel stories or plans and watching fireworks. But in between the food and fireworks, how do you keep the kids and family entertained.

Games and Activities of Course
Here are a variety of 4th of July ideas them will keep them busy inside and outside. Some of the games can be found on our web site on our July 4th games page.

Outdoor Challenge Games
Horseshoes - Great game for adults
Ladder Toss - Kids and Adults can enjoy this challenge
Toss Across - On land or in the water this Tic Tac Toe game is fun
Beanbag Toss / Cornhole - Casual Target Game for Kids and Adults
Croquet - Casual Fun for all ages
Bocce - The moving target game for teens and adults

For Kids
Tag - Easy to Play and only space needed
Baseball, Kickball, Basketball or Volleyball
Frisbee - Fun and fun with pets too
Create a Scavenger Hunt or Discovery Hunt
Three Legged Race - Get everyone involved for this fun
Wheelbarrow Races - This will tired them out fast
Marco Polo - Perfect for those with pools
Watermelon Pool Games - Fun and silly for good swimmers

Other Fun Ideas
July 4th Bingo - Everyone can play this printable games
Limbo - Recommend playing before you eat
Family Photographer Game - Has kids taking lots of family photos
Independence Day & History Trivia Games - For adults who like a challenge

Plus you can always pull out a family board game or consider one of our many family games for your 4th of July Fun.

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