Thursday, June 28, 2012

Host a Magic Mike Pre Party & Then Go See The Movie

Tomorrow Magic Mike, the male stripper movie hits theaters and it is a sure fire ladies night out activity. (You can get your Magic Mike tickets now at Fandango)

Magic Mike Tickets
So how can you and your gal pals get in on the fun before seeing Channing Tatum (who was a real male stripper), Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer and the other hot men of Magic Mike?

Throw a Magic Mike Pre Party before you see it. Invite all your girlfriends to go see Magic Mike and then meet up for dinner or drinks before the movie. Then have fun playing games that are safe but also a little risque.

Since the movie is about male strippers you can share stories about male strippers at bachelorette parties or a time when the Chippendales can to town.

You can also play classic games like I Never but ask guests to add the phrase "Male Stripper" to each line like:  I Never Had a Drink with a Male Stripper. I Never Received a Private Dance from a Male Stripper. I Never have seen a Male Strippers.... (You get the idea)

Have a shy crowd that might not want to say their "I Never" statment out loud, well then consider this printable version. Easy to print and have everyone write down an I Never, fold over, mix up in a hat or pile and then randomly have each person pick an "I Never" slip of paper out of the pile and read it.

FYI - The traditional "I Never" game is played by drinking once for every time that person has done the "I Never" however you don't want to be in the bathroom during the good parts of Magic Mike so it might be best for social entertainment rather than drinking.

Drink If is another Bachelorette style game that can be adapted for your Magic Mike Party, this game is simple and involves Drink If you have done something, basically the opposite of "I Never" but the same theme.

We found a printable Drink If game that hits on general themes and might be best for the Magic Mike After Party! But like the idea of creating a Drink If version that involves Male Strippers like Drink If you have hired a male stripper, Drink If you have gone to a gay bar to see male strippers, etc...

Bachelorette - I Dare You!The last party game we have for you is the "I Dare You" game to get your crew into a frisky and fun mood. For many women going to see male strippers is very adventurous and safe fun. Well the "I Dare You" game challenges your girlsfriends to take some risks. While we would pull back and pass on kissing strangers, the excitement of having to complete a random challenge is fun, embarrassing and silly.

The printable I Dare You game offers lots of ideas and you can select the ones you like, add in your own and avoid the rest.

While we always enjoy a good party, don't have such a good time that you miss "Magic Mike."

For the best Magic Mike experience:
1. Host a Magic Mike Pre Party to get the Gals Ready for Fun
2. Get your Magic Mike tickets in advance with Fandango
3. Bring Singles and Fives for Tipping the Dancers, oh wait you don't need those!
4. Get the theater at least 20 minutes early for Good Seats
5. Play one last Game Stud or Dud before the movie begins (noted below)
6. Enjoy Magic Mike!

FYI - Stud or Dud is a game where you have pictures of various guys and each girl states whether he is a Stud or Dud and why. This is a fun conversational game and you can print the pictures and place them on cards so as to carry. Select celebs or just choose themed images like nerdy guy, auto mechanic guy, etc... More ideas about Stud or Dud at

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