Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oscar Games for Oscar Parties and Office Fun

Are you a fan of the Academy Awards?
Do you have an Oscars Party?
Does your office enjoy trivia fun and competition?

Well then we got some great ideas for this weekends Academy Awards; Oscar Party games!

Yes these party games are fun and we give you tips on doing it yourself or picking up some printable Oscar games for a fun office activity or a gathering among friends.

The most popular game is Predict the Oscar Winner. This is easy and fun a each co-worker or guests picks who they think will win the Oscar. The person with the most right wins.
Need a tie-breaker then consider asking - How much will Avatar have earned as of March 7, 2010. You can find the answer at Box Office Mojo on Monday.

Other Oscar games can be Oscar Trivia, Best Actress, Best Actor and best Director match and trivia games. Get tips and ideas for each type of game and printable Oscar games to - so you don't have to do any work but print and play.

Can't get enough of the Oscars - Go to the Official Oscars web site.

Have fun this weekend.
Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady

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