Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mystery Gift Pass - Will Keep Your Birthday Party Guests Guessing

Looking for a different kid's birthday party game other than Musical Chairs and Pin the Tail on the Donkey? Well then check out our Mystery Gift Pass Game

Well a while back I put together the idea of making Pass the Gift / Pass the Parcel a little more action oriented.

In the standard Pass the Gift game you pass the gift until the music stops and then unwrap a layer of the game and the person to unwrap the gift the last time gets the gift inside the box. It is a fun game in itself, but we thought it could be more fun.

So we came up with Mystery Gift Pass and the idea to add a surprise to each unwrapping by placing actions or extra prizes in the mix. This really makes the game much more interesting as you might have to Talk like Donald Duck or Hop on one Foot or Do a charade, etc...

This way every time you unwrap a layer of the gift, you don't know what your going to get. If you like this idea get more details at Mystery Gift Pass Game and if you are still looking then check out our site for more Birthday Party Games.

Sarah - The Party Game Ideas Lady